About Sridhar

 Sentimentality and a sacred thread of reason combine Sridhar’s virtuoso mastery of technique and his passion-filled exposition of musical landscapes. Without so much as a breath for a pause and thought for the coming moment, Sridhar unleashes from complex emotions of hope, romance, beauty and fear, onto the invisible contours of symphonic artistry traversed in liaison with the strings, frets and tuners of his instrument: the guitar; ultimately creating a singular yet multifaceted language of his own.


Location: Berlin, Germany
Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop

Sridharan Ravichandran is a Berlin based multi-instrumentalist and producer. Sridhar first exploded on the scene in the summer of 2009 with Transcend, his rock instrumental debut. This critically acclaimed album that yielded the hit song India bought to focus Sridhar’s mastery of guitar technique and songwriting, and was followed up by the EP Afterward in 2010 which yielded another hit song in Folked. In late 2011, Sridhar released Miles, an album that serves as a tribute to the multitude of influences in Sridhar’s musical journey, inspired by sounds from classical music to synthesized soundscapes.

Sridhar is currently working on more material and playing shows in Europe, alongside collaborating with GRAMMY nominated producer Arun Shenoy, in a project titled Sridhar & Shenoy (Genre: Electronic/Pop/Rock, Narked Records, 2014).

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