Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina

I recently visited the Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina in Warsaw, Poland. It’s one of the most beautiful museums I’ve been to – complete with stellar attention to detail to every phase of the composer’s life, from birth to education, travels, his rise to fame and eventually a sad, early death.

I’m not an expert on music from the Romantic era – but as I walked out of there with a wide grin on my face, I couldn’t help but long for just one more play of Krystian Zimerman’s interpretation of Chopin’s Ballade #4 in F-minor, op.52. Probably the greatest piece of musical expression, ever.

Just, Wow.

Chopin's Last Piano

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Family, Loves, Friends, Patrons and Pupils. The diverse nature of Chopin’s relationship with women arose from his position as composer-pianist and the prestige inherent to this in 19th century society. His personality in particular was marked by the intensity of his contact with his family and women, who fascinated him.