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Sridhar & Arun Shenoy – Illusion

I’m delighted to announce the release of the second single from the Sridhar & Arun Shenoy project. This was recorded in studios across San Francisco, Berlin and Singapore and working with an incredible team made things flow smoothly.

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Nuvole Bianche – For the people of Ukraine

My uncle recently forwarded me this video and asked me to adapt the original by the incredible Ludovico Einaudi. I was very moved by that video and the circumstances surrounding it, I knew I just had to work on this.

This is dedicated to the people of Ukraine.

– Sridhar

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Dusty roads. Bicycles ringing bells. Cows lazing. Farmers and bullock carts. Children playing cricket. Wealth in reality, poverty in existence. Happiness in little things, sadness in even smaller things. Solace in the world’s biggest things. Comfort on reassurance, discomfort in oblivion. Beauty in it’s diversity, magnificence in her unity.┬áThis is my country, and Folked are my people.

Click to play and download single ‘Folked’

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