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Listening vs Hearing (or why I love Vinyl)

Found this great piece in the NYT courtesy of a colleague at SoundCloud. The ideas that the author talks about, although mostly rooted in biological reasoning really resonated with me. It also brought to light things I (and most of the digital music generation) have been taking for granted.

Or, why I love Vinyl – from the giddy schoolboy excitement of running home from the record store, to opening up the sleeve to unravel the mysteries within, to finally holding a piece of art which warrants and demands your complete attention – is a feeling that is not easily captured by digital mediums. Unless one is a complete flummox-head, it is hard to ignore the wonderful all-encompassing blissful warmth and vibe of an LP, given the sonics of which are being faithfully reproduced by a worthy system.

Digital music, I love thee and you have your place – but 320kbps or not, I’m not going anywhere from my beloved LPs.