Sridhar Ravichandran : Writings

Make Up Your Mind Or Leave It Behind

Super stoked to announce my new pop/rock project Sridhar & Arun Shenoy, and our new single that dropped on the 7th of May on digital stores worldwide, via Narked Records. What started off as a song I wrote a few years back in Singapore has now taken on a life of it’s own with some incredible people involved.

In no order, the fantastic Lonnie Park on vocals, Duke Purisima taking on bass duties and being ridiculously good as always, Sebastian Wyrobisch pounding at the drums with Alexander Brusencev handling engineering duties, Jonathan Wesley and Neville Bharucha on the keys, Mark Bihler and Bo Kondren handling the super crucial mix and mastering duties, and last but not the least brother from another mother Arun Shenoy on co-producing duties. It’s been fun.

The news of the single and our artwork was displayed in the heart of Times Square, NYC since the morning of the release. Here’s the official picture that was released by prnewswire when it first went up – pretty sweet.

Times Square Release